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Chesapeake & Ohio

1836: The Louisa Railroad Company, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway's (C&O) oldest predecessor, was chartered. In 1850, its name was changed to the Virginia Central Railroad.

1868: Special acts of Virginia's and West Virginia's legislatures provided for completion of rail lines from Chesapeake Bay to the Ohio River. Under these acts, the Virginia Central Railroad was renamed the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. This company succeeded to the rights, interests and privileges of both the Virginia Central and the Covington and Ohio Railroads.

1878: The Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad was renamed the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway (C&O). Note, it was reorganized between 1873 and 1878 during receivership.

1895: The Baltimore & Ohio placed the first successful electric locomotive in railroad service. An earlier test of the world's first electric railroad locomotive, the "Page Locomotive," took place on the C&O's Washington Branch in April 1851.

1947: The Pere Marquette Railway, principally a Michigan line, was merged into the C&O.

1963: The C&O acquired stock control of the B&O in February following the ICC's approval on Dec. 31, 1962.

1966: The ICC authorized the C&O to acquire control of the Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad.

1967: The ICC approved control of the Western Maryland Railway by the C&O/B&O.

1973: Chessie System Inc. was formed Feb. 26, and Chessie System Railroads was adopted as the new corporate identity for the C&O, B&O and WM railroads.

1980: The CSX Corporation came into being November 1, resulting from the merger of the Chessie System Inc. and Seaboard Coast Line Industries Inc.

1983: Operation of the Western Maryland Railway was taken over by the B&O, and WM's ownership was assumed by the C&O.

1987: The B&O is merged into the C&O.

1987: The C&O is merged into CSX Transportation.

Bachmann 60309 DCC-Equipped EMD GP40

Bachmann 60309 DCC-Equipped EMD GP40

Fully assembled and ready to run on conventional DC-powered layouts. Features include: Equipped with a 28-speed step decoder. • DCC On Board® technology, enabling you to control the direction, speed, and lighting using the Bachmann® E-Z Command® Digital Command Control System • 100% backwards-compatible with standard DC (non-digital) layouts • Main track programming • All wheel drive • Directional lighting • Die cast chassis • 5-Pole Skew Wound Motor • E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers with metal coil springs • Accurately molded plastic body shell with prototypical yellow, dark blue & orange painting and printing • Chessie System logo • Compatible with all NMRA-compliant DCC systems.

Roadname: Chessie

DCC On-Board

Item Number: 60309; Internet Price: $46.80

Suggested Retail Price: $72.00 - You Save 35%

Looking for a "Non-DCC" version of the GP40 model? The following model is available:

Bachmann 63509 EMD GP40, Chessie

50' Plug-Door Box Car

50' Plug-Door Box Car

This Silver Series® rolling stock features: • Blackened, machined-metal wheels with RP25 contours • Magnetically operated, body mounted E-Z Mate® couplers • Celcon™ trucks • non-magnetic, blackened-brass axles with needlepoint bearings • Added weight for optimum tracking.

Roadname: Chessie System

Manufacturer: Bachmann

Item Number: 18009; Internet Price: $13.30

Suggested Retail Price: $19.00 - You Save 30%

36' Wide-Vision Caboose

36' Wide-Vision Caboose

Silver Series® rolling stock features:• blackened metal wheels • body mounted couplers • non-magnetic axles

Roadname: Chessie

Manufacturer: Bachmann

Item Number: 17709; Internet Price: 12.25

Suggested Retail Price: $17.50 - You Save 30%