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Common Questions
  • Why buy from HobbyFrenzy.com ?
  • How do you ship merchandise?
  • How much does shipping cost?
  • Do you ship outside the United States.
  • Do you charge sales tax?
  • Why do you need my email address?
  • What if I don't have a email address?
  • What is the minimum purchase?
  • Are all of your items in stock?
  • Do you publish a catalog?
  • What does DCC-ready mean?
  • If my question isn't answered here, can I ask by email?

  • Why buy from HobbyFrenzy.com ?
    Our mission is to bring exciting products to you, the HO scale model train enthusiast. We do not strive to offer every product that is out in the marketplace. Instead, we choose quality products that we feel will appeal to you. Why? Because we are HO scale model train enthusiasts too!!!

    Our dedication is to bring you quality products at a fair price with excellence service. Unlike many on-line retailers, every item listed on our website is in stock at all times. We want to have every opportunity to deliver the products you want as quickly as possible.
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    What Shipping Method do you use?
    We primarily ship through UPS. Their insurance inclusion (up to certain limits), competitive rates, shipment tracking, and on-time package delivery has allowed us to be confident that every customer order of HobbyFrenzy.com will be delivered quickly and safely.
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    What does Shipping Cost?
    The Shipping cost is calculated using the estimated shipping weight of the order along with the shipping distance (based on the distance from our shippping location outside of Chicago, IL, and the customer location entered in the order). Our goal is to calculate the shipping amount slightly UNDER the actual amount charged by UPS. If, however, we happen to overcalculate the actual rate, we will refund the difference of any overcalculation of $3.00 or more.
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    Do you ship outside of the United States?
    Currently, HobbyFrenzy.com is only accepting orders from within the United States.
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    What Sales Tax do you charge?
    Orders in which the customer location is within the State of Illinois are charged sales tax.
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    Why do you need my email address?
    When you place an order, we need to be able to email you to confirm that we have received your order and to keep you informed on its progress.
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    What if I don't have an email address?
    You need an email address in order to shop online with most if not all Internet stores. We need your email address to notify you of the status of your order. Providers such as Hotmail or Yahoo offer free email accounts.
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    Do you require a minimum purchase?
    There is no minimum purchase required.
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    Is it in Stock?
    We keep all of the merchandise listed on our website in stock at all times. Our goal is to ship all orders within 48 hours of receipt. If for some reason we do run out of an item, we will contact you within 24 hours to let you know.
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    Do you publish a catalog?
    At this time, we do not publish a printed catalog. As we have added new items, we have felt that a catalog would become outdated very quickly. Please refer to our site for our complete inventory and available products.
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    What does DCC-ready mean?
    DCC "ready" means that the locomotive is pre-wired and ready for a decoder to be installed but no actual decoder is present inside of the locomotive. Instead of having to solder in wires or make changes to lamps etc, all you do is plug the decoder into the socket. DCC ready HO-scale engines have an 8-pin plug for the decoder.

    The loco will run on DC due to a jumper plug being installed from the factory to connect applicable sockets to the motor and the lights. When the locomotive is desired to be operated on a DCC layout, it is as easy as removing the body shell, removing the jumper plug and inserting the decoder plug. No soldering is required. If the locomotive runs but lights do not work, reversing the orientation of the decoder will solve the problem. No damage will be done to either decoder or loco when wired as per NMRA standards.

    Purchasing a DCC-ready locomotive makes sense in a number of situations. If the owner is currently running a standard DC layout but may switch to the DCC layout in the future, purchasing a DCC-ready locomotive allows for the flexibility of being able to easily upgrade the locomotive to the DCC format in the future while running a DC layout now. Also, purchasing a DCC-ready locomotive allows the user the flexibility of choosing from decoders of various manufacturers. Lastly, purchasing a DCC-ready locomotive will be less expensive that one in which the decoder is already installed, if the DCC option is not currenly needed.
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    Can I email you my question?
    Yes. We'll answer you as soon as we can. Just use the contact form located as a link on our home page.
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